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All of our readings are available instantly after purchase - no wait time!


Personal readings available if you are looking for more clarity.


All of our readings are delivered with empathy and integrity - we believe in the power of paying it forward.


A reading makes a great gift - we have options available.

"I had a free reading back in June enquiring about a connection I felt and wanted to know if I was crazy for feeling this way for someone that didn't seem to give a hoot about me! Heather's reading made sense to my situation and clarified why he is at a distance. Nothing has happened still and he's still not connecting but he's also still not disappeared so I'd say she was spot on! Boy got scared! 🙂 Thank you for the reading! Xxxx"

Client via Instagram

"Very good and detailed reading and was on point!!! :)"

Client via Instagram

"Wow! I am amazed at how everything resonated. You were on point. Thank you for giving me clarity!"

Client via Instagram

"I found Heather's readings to be honest and resonate with my intentions. She has been clear in her communications and is quick to reply. I love seeing her daily readings as it can help me see things differently throughout the day"

Client via Instagram

"Heather is an extremely gifted intuitive reader and communicator. A natural Empath, she also uses her personal skills to guide you on your best path. Heather's Spirit Guide offers details that Heather could not possibly know, whilst Lenormand will never sugar coat the answers to the questions asked. However, the cards tell the truth of the moment and the short term future, using 2 card readings - therefore I'd recommend a more in depth Tableau reading with Heather. Her intentions come from a positive and light place and as a visitor to her services and friend trust her 100%"

Client via Instagram

"It was spot on! You nailed it !! Thank you so much. You are truly talented"

Client via Instagram

"The reading was so amazing. Thank you so much for the insight and advice. I am glad to know about the good news and travel in my future - thank you!"

Client via Instagram

"Thank you so much for my reading, it's brilliant! I really appreciate your time and was completely gobsmacked as to how your reading is so spot on even in YouTube. I will definitely be booking again with you"

Client via Email

"I have never had a more accurate reading than yours!! That is insane! Thank u so much for the reading! I still can’t believe how u nailed everything. I just can't believe how accurate it is!"

Client via Web Order


this is not astrology

We use the Lenormand system to conduct the readings. We are not astrologers although we use the 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac to identify you in the readings. You won’t find information on the planets here – simply choose your Sun Sign. If you are on the cusp read both!

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Our system of automatic download and digital delivery means that you can order a reading or buy a download from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day!


Choose from readings by Year, Month, Week or Day.


Learn how to read yourself with a range of online course material coming soon!