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Victorian Parlour Lenormand Beginners Deck

Victorian Parlour Lenormand Beginners Deck

The Victorian Parlour Lenormand is a 36 card deck for you to print at home on card stock of your choice.


Immediately after payment you will receive your downloads. This will consist of two zip files which contains 6 x A4 sheets to print and 3 x A4 seamless card backing options. Each sheet has 6 cards. Each backing sheet has one design. So that is one full card deck and three backing options.


It is best to keep the dimensions of the sheets when printing as Lenormand is meant to be of a Poker size rather than a Tarot size.
Use matte finishes rather than gloss ones.
The design is black and white and works best that way when printing.
The design is BLANK on the reverse so you can add your own personal backing / print or leave as blank whatever you prefer.
Card backing designs now included FREE in this pack.


Use a guillotine for best results.
Use craft corner rounders if you want curved corners.


The photos show the cards on basic white craft card stock but you can use anything you wish – follow the tips for best results.


This deck can be read as 2 pair combinations, 3 card strings, 5 card strings and Grand Tableau – for free information on how to read these please check my website soon for info cards-, (alternatively there is a ton of info online with regards how to use Lenormand) The main hurdle is often remembering the keyword for each card so it is provided here for beginners use along with useful explanations.

This deck © 2018 – 2019 HJ Tanner Studio. Personal use only. Cannot be re-sold or re-packaged or re-designed and sold on in any format.

Have fun! More decks to be released soon!

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