An Epiphany!

Hello to all those who have been following along these last few years – or maybe even trying to follow me as I duck and dive through new territory all explained on this page here.

I am emerging from a long period of sickness and also grieving. Whilst having attempted several times to launch / re-launch my work without ever really feeling I had hit my mark I now realise that quite possibly it was just all too soon to begin. And also that my strengths and abilities had been treading well-worn paths and following the rules to the extent that I was not able to allow the passive income lifestyle that I had envisaged. And I’ve tried every single one of my strengths and passions out in the income arena in order to obtain this lifestyle as I know it will work for me.

Knuckling down then I have simplified everything! This will be an ongoing journey and understanding that I don’t have to follow the herd or the rule book of anybody has given me a confidence I’ve never had before. The Apprenticeship is truly over.

I will explain in further posts – know that we will be exclusively looking at how to live, ideas on making it happen, exploring the possibilities of loving life rather than dreading it and more besides. This is how I live my own life everyday and this is how I shall be presenting it to you.