Why I’ve Stopped Giving Personal Readings

Many of you know I practise Cartomancy and have done so for over 25 years both professionally and in private. What has been bugging me for so long though is the Client reaction, the Client expectation and the whole Client/Reader relationship. Let me explain.

Both Sides of The Coin

I am a Client of other readers and I have Clients of my own. When I would like someone else to read for me I choose them very carefully and find that only the more accomplished readers will actually agree to read for me. My reasons for consulting someone else lies with that valuable second opinion. Reading for yourself is difficult and requires a massive degree of objectivity which lets face it when delving into our own desired outcomes is a pretty tall order on the brain and the emotions. In fact I am wondering if it can effectively be done at all! But I always go into a reading for myself – knowing the score.

Pain of Choice

In 99% of all cases of my own Clients I’ve found that people want someone to eliminate their choices leaving them with a clear path and the “truth” for clarification. But actually pain of choice is what we need to evolve. Readers are commonly misjudged to have all the answers. The Client who asks too many questions or questions too often will not receive what they are looking for, and indeed, conflicting results in the process. That conflict can cause mental health issues further down the line or exacerbate existing imbalances. If we are to learn, grow and carve our own path we can only receive the subtle clues. No one will be leaking the full script.

Increase Value & Readership

Personal readings also use energy. They can take hours to prepare, produce and wind down from. And yet we can only reach that one person with a personal reading. My work is expanding now and needs to add better quality value to a larger quantity of people whilst using less energy. Thankfully we live in a world where the Internet allows this.

In doing this you won’t find any sacrifice of spiritual practice – I am still firing on everything I know to be true and real. But the conflicts over sharing this personal reading service have diminished now that I can share the work on a different level – one that allows me the lifestyle I have chosen for future AND sits in line with the work I really want to offer to the world.

I hope you will understand!

P.S. One exception to the rule I will be taking private face to face readings for FUN and for FREE from time to time starting with an event in May 2020 in the UK details coming soon!