Tuesday Tune Up

So Tuesdays are the most depressing day of the week for most people according to some of the press I’ve read on the subject, (couple of articles but hey, that’s enough for me to have formed half an idea), so here I am with a Tuesday Tune Up. Hopefully this can be a regular series on my blog with a weekly list of links to things that have cheered me up or made me think, and hopefully you also. Ranging from the truly profound and helpful to the just plain silly made me laugh kind of stuff. Enjoy!

  1. Kicking off with parody – one of the bug bears of living in a Victorian ground floor place is the amount of spiders there are. One of my Facebook friends posted this and, yeah. Just yeah…
Nothing sums it up more…

2. The Australian fires have brought devastation – here is a link to an article on how people are helping the animal population and if you have skills perhaps you can lend them? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jan/07/australia-wildfires-animals-shelters-knitting

3. An artist I follow on instagram has started baking according to her own personal style – you may or may not share that style it but man I want ALL OF IT NOW… https://www.instagram.com/teagarden_sweets/

4. Documentary on beachcombing – very interesting – “what the sea gives, we keep”…

See ya on the next installment of what distracted Heather this week – next week!

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