Tuesday Tune Up 21st January 2020

Every Tuesday I share a few links, some food for thought and hopefully something funny or heartening that has touched me or made me think. I hope it helps you on whatever day you are reading it!

Have a great day!
  1. It is a year since the World lost footballer Emiliano Sala : here his family talk of their grief… “every gesture acts like a valve releasing something of the pain” – https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51133964
  2. I play both the electric guitar and the ukulele – it has always been an amazing healer for me. Here is an interesting Ted Talk on how playing music can help us …

3. If you have Netflix and are in the widowed position you have probably already become acquainted with the hit show Dead to Me. If not here is the trailer for the first season, (second one coming up!), and also, where have you been? I find that this show although dramatised really helps to sum up a LOT from the Widow’s perspective and in many places is LAUGH OUT LOUD. Widowed people really should be prescribed their LOLS on the NHS but for now, shows like this can be of assistance.

Join me next week! X

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