Tune Up Tuesday 28th January 2020

Every Tuesday I pick some links to media or articles that have made me think, made me laugh or made me feel better about the world.

Have the best day you can!

It has been some kind of tough two weeks – they say making your way through grief is akin to wading through treacle and sometimes I don’t feel this at all – sometimes I am as light as air. Other times though and it does usually happen in Winter it can feel as though you are too little butter spread over too much bread, (to quote a great!)

I don’t know about you guys but I have to control the amount of things I am taking on. Overload is easy and can lead to meltdowns. At the moment I feel like the balance is tipping a little bit – I think current news and world events does nothing for anxiety levels of everyone generally either.

So here are a couple of things I have come across to hopefully keep you interested or distracted this week.

  1. Both my kids are singers and involved in choirs – here’s an uplifting read on joining rock choirs: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/good-news/seven-seas/join-a-rock-choir/
  2. I know lots of people who feel that the goal is the end result – which can be quite the opposite when it comes to personal enjoyment. One of the things I do not excel at but do have a love for is making things by hand. Here are some good reasons to try it: https://www.scrapbook.com/articles/crafting-makes-you-healthier-and-happier
  3. A lot of you are, like myself, writing to help ease your pain and keep your mental health intact. Harvard Medical School have some tips here: https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/writing-to-ease-grief

Number 3 is very close to my heart as my vocation has always been that of Writer. I have my Masters in Creative Writing and have received tutoring and mentoring from many well-known writers and poets. I am conjuring up a post on writing a blog as a Widowed person and to help with any trauma or bereavement which will be published later this week so stay tuned for that.

Enjoy! Xx


  1. Jason Zerbey

    I turned off cable news when my first was born. It seemed sensible, then I thought, why exactly am I consuming something not fit for children? I stayed very political, choosing interactive forums like Twitter. Then I came home to care full time for my two sons. I thought more deeply about how we should all live, how news is designed to set us apart, or at least make us feel that way. Slowly I left daily news completely, then abandoned politics.

    I look back on my ten-year marriage and thank God that so little of it was wasted letting someone else sell me something while I sat inert.

    Now widowed, I couldn’t imagine turning back to that noise.

    There’s my Tuesday tip: Turn off the tele. (is that how y’all spell it🤣)

    Thank you and keep on writing!

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