Writing a Blog as a Widow or Widower with WordPress!

I was a writer long before I was widowed. I have the qualifications yes, a masters degree yes. I’ve been taught by many a well known poet, playwright and novelist. I’ve been a journalist published around the world. But I know I am a writer not by any of these alone. Just the simple fact that I have always done it and always will. Writing can release pressure in almost every situation and it can connect people like no other medium can. Writing and I go way back.

It may be the same for you or you may be completely new to writing. There is no need to be an excellent writer, (as my teachers pointed out through all of my schooling – I had the best ideas and the best stories but my grammar sucked and still does!) I do not have the time to sort that out – at the moment I consider it a blessing to get any freaking words out at all. Let alone formulate a proper post. Widowed parenting does not allow for much other than basics first, all else later – save for the fact that all else and later never seem to turn up!

The important thing to remember for a widowed person who wants to write – is just write! I come across many blogs clearly not written by writers. It does not make them any less in fact it can make them MORE. They are first hand accounts of real life experiences – gold dust learning information and are very sacred, “worthy” stories. Anyone writing for the widowed who has themselves not been widowed cannot write for the widowed…in my opinion.

If you are looking to turn your writing towards blogging then I suggest you consider if you are looking to form connections and readership as WordPress.com is most certainly where you will find an instant audience. Trust me, I’ve tried all platforms over many years. I use it myself to follow bloggers of interest – the reader area forms an easy way to keep all of the blogs in one readable format – and ensures you don’t miss anything. People regularly bolster other’s work by commenting and liking. As a blogger the hardest thing in the world is to gain traction and comments. WordPress.com encourages a mutual respect between writers to follow, like and comment and for that to be returned. I don’t know of any other platform which works so well in that way. For the widowed the WordPress connections can be vital.

So yes this is an affiliate post as I am a massive fan of WordPress and am more than happy to recommend them every time to all new writers not just widowed writers. Anyone looking to build an audience online and more importantly a community can’t afford not to have a blog run on it.

If you are not yet connected please click the WordPress banner on my blog as this will connect to my link and both you and I will mutually benefit from that action. And I will be most grateful and I hope you will join my blog readership so that I can return the favour and read your story! Or you can CLICK HERE to get started now. Why wait?


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