Tune Up Tuesday 4th February 2020

Every week I try and share something relevant to you or something that can make you think, laugh or do things differently. Sometimes a little distraction can go a long way!

Have a great week!

Thanks to all who have found my blog, liked the posts, shared and or left a comment. January was a long month for all of us but for me it feels like a slog and a half. A marathon with no obvious end. But we made it!

I don’t currently have as much time as I would like to write – I can only take so much out of my day. I am making sure so far that you have at least one post a week. An upcoming surgery and the half term holidays are the only things that would scupper this schedule slightly and so far it works for us.

So what have I found on the internet this week…?

  1. Due to checking the news daily now for virus and brexit updates I came across this story on the BBC

A clown show about death is “done in a way that you would never, ever expect or forget” says Grace Gallagher, who is the artistic director of Ugly Bucket Theatre in Liverpool.


2. Having been both homeless and widowed I know what a drastic life change is. I used to eat out three times a week – restaurants – and had barista coffee three times a day without thinking. Small things like this become larger things. And all it takes is one change in circumstances leading to another. Read how this lady went from a thousand euros a week to £35…


3. When I make a friend I do so for life. I mean – friendships to me last forever until someone does the shit thing of ghosting out. Unless of course we have spoken already and it has been made crystal clear where the end was and the REAL reason why. Ghosting is psychological abuse as is most silence.


4. Accurately my life right now…

Things to consider! Hoping to have my next post online before Friday! x


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