Widow Makes a Gushing Post About The Importance of FRIENDSHIP

My life right now would be nothing without my friends. My friends are the PVA keeping me from slowly peeling off and being thrown away like the oh so precious but essentially useless stuff my kid makes at school. They keep me in one piece – between them they save me from this lone parenting insanity – and never more so than at weekends when people are usually indulging in all things family.

I have these wonderful people in my life, (I don’t know many but it’s more than a couple and that makes me very lucky indeed), who drive over to see me, ask me if I want anything, ask me how I am, remember THE ANNIVERSARIES, take my kids out, drive me home from school, drive me to parties when they are held at “wayoverbackofbeyond”, offer to buy me lunch, make dates with me and so on.

But far more importantly than that – it is not one sided. They let me help them. Which is not something I find everyone is comfortable with. My friends treat me like a peer, we share ideas and wishes, hopes, dreams and horrors. They let me return the favour. I travel all over visiting my friends because they are worth it and it works in this lovely mutual way.

Some of them I’ve had for years, some are new, some are only just beginning to show through like Snowdrops in the Spring. I’ve just had this wonderful weekend the kind I want to keep on having with friends. It was not a kid free weekend but when parents get together it makes all the struggle of parenting somehow more bearable. And the weekend that can often stretch like a nightmare into the horizon suddenly becomes fun and then WHOOP! it’s Monday – AND MY GOD you enjoyed it.

I am spending most of this week pulling all the loose ends of my son’s birthday party together. We are having a private cinema screening. He wanted Mary Poppins (sixties version). I wanted The Neverending Story. Also I wanted Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. My daughter helpfully chimed in with Stephen King’s IT. Christ we are weird. It’s for a bunch of six year olds not thirty or forty somethings seeking to re live their childhood. Oh wait … one of us might qualify.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the Tune Up post and I am finishing up a less than cheery post on attending inquests which I hope helps someone, somewhere!

Heather Xx


  1. From A Widows Perspective

    It sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends! I don’t know what I would have done without my BFFs, especially the one who flew across the US to be with me after it happened and stayed with me for a month and then flew back with me to her state. Who would do that? Stopping their life to help you through yours.

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