Tune Up Tuesday 11th February 2020

Every Tuesday I post something to make you think, make you smile or make you think “thank god it’s not you”… he he … not so much the last one. Have a great two weeks…

Thanks for reading!

Howdy people,

Any one else feeling that? The last mile. The last week of term? 🙂 Every time it comes around I lose my shizzle a little bit and start thinking about how I want to relocate but can’t – about how I need more family support yet can’t really justify breaking my kids up to move closer to them, ( I am after all trying to keep us all together!), about how actually moving children is out of the question, everyone is at vital points in education etc… round and round the cycle goes until I accept I am staying put again at least for now. Anyone else get that? !!

Because my family live far away I have had to wait months to have surgery so that someone can monitor me overnight, (my dear old ma god love her), and thankfully that time has come. Not that I am looking forward to it in any way but I am looking forward to it being over!

Consequently because of this and half term I won’t be posting for another week or so – hope you all have a fabulous time whatever you are getting up to and I will see you when I get back! Until then, some stuff I found this week….

  1. Having worked as a music journalist previously somewhere back in the day I have a special love for different eras of music with the 60s, 70s and 90s being amongst my favourites. The 60s possibly filled with the kind of nostalgia that can really help calm my nerves in fractious times. Here’s one playlist worth looking up: https://www.nme.com/list/100-best-songs-of-the-1960s-1159 Also I defy anyone to feel down when faced with any Mamas and Papas tune.
  2. Comedy is vital in the world of the widowed. Sure we somehow inherit the kind of humour many don’t get but – well – it works for us, why question it? Some shows that have brightened my day recently include Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Santa Clarita Diet, Tuca and Bertie, Dead to Me, Afterlife, anything with Reece Sheersmith in it, Disenchantment …. basically a lot of Netflix shows as I don’t pay for BBC or watch live TV these days.
  3. During my time I’ve had experience of entering into the step family situation if you are facing the same this programme with Rio Ferdinand is airing.. (on the BBC, ahem cough!) The photo of them all says it all, their faces! https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/rio-and-kate
  4. One thing as adults we need to be aware of is becoming fuddy, duddy and old. The inner child – always needs out! This is one of my favourite ever live performances by a band I adore because it’s just FUN.

Heather Xx


  1. From A Widows Perspective

    First of all, I will be praying for you that all goes well and you have a fast recovery! Second, I am a product of the 50s and 60s and still feel it was the absolute best time for growing up! We had a freedom that others since then have not been able to enjoy. I miss it. I am going to check out your music suggestions and comedy shows. We all need a good laugh right now and I look forward to the nostalgia, and your return. I know I have an inner child who does need to be let out and loved the video and shared it on Facebook. Thank you!

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