Tuesday Tune Up 25th February 2020

Howdy – so it has been two weeks since the last Tune Up post – I’ve been back to the grind but wanted to share with you a few things that I have been focusing on this week and I think they will help you too!

  1. The matter of WHO people are is very fascinating to me. WHAT they do for a living is not so important or interesting. When we meet people for the first time and we ask them “What do you do?” we tell them our job. I love that someone I talked to recently told me his hobby first and quickly added his job. He has an impressive and important job and no doubt helps a lot of people but his hobby was the thing that stuck in my mind and the thing he told me first. Unfortunately we do look quite strange if we ask people, “So, who are you?” instead of “What do you do?” as our society seems hellbent on the importance of social status. To me, it means nothing. Here is an interesting fun article on hobbies and what they say about us!….http://blog.gojobhero.com/10-fun-hobbies-and-what-they-say-about-you-as-a-professional/

2. In life the faster we physically move the faster our energy flows and the faster we attract new people and situations into our lives. If we are slow to walk, make a move, take a chance etc we find things dragging along and inertia setting in. Movement for health both mental and physical plus fast moving energy brings faster results… I made an effort to join a kickboxing class a few years ago as my kids were already working towards their black belts and I was told a few things by my Doctor that helped wake me up to the need for physical movement in my life. I am not inactive and wasn’t then either but walking everywhere still wasn’t enough of the right kind of exercise. However – Heather + gym = sobbing. So I asked the Sensei to convince me it would be worth it and he did and I really saw the benefits even though I struggled through most of the lessons. I miss it very much (the School relocated!), but I stick to my little warm up in the house everyday and hope to find another class soon. Here is an article on why you may want to give it a go! https://www.healthandfitnesstravel.com/blog/the-benefits-of-kickboxing

3. I just sold something that was very rare and sitting away in my home for over twenty years doing nothing. Like quite a lot of my things I had not used this item in all that time. But this year I am being RUTHLESS with material possession. I have always struggled with books, records and ephemera but no more! (I mean, did you read about my dead husband’s bread in the freezer?) I have trouble throwing things away. De cluttering…. give it a try! https://www.thespruce.com/reasons-to-declutter-right-now-4140438

I hope you are all doing well – its almost March!

Heather Xxx

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune Up 25th February 2020

  1. ‘Who are you?’ I love it! I imagine that would be met with a lot of blank stares, but it could really weed out the people who do self work. The ones who really know themselves. Me, I am a dreamer at heart. Not something I could really say to someone at first meeting. Maybe I could try it though. 😉🤔

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    1. Thanks for commenting! Yes I often get people asking me if I have been busy as well as though everyone is busy busy all the time. I just say no. Everyone looks surprised and I feel elated that I have time in my life not taken up by busyness and it’s probably the first time they heard that from someone! “I am a ….insert important status” plus “I am busy” – two well worn phrases. Xx

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  2. First of all, that was perfect timing, as I am finally going home these weekend after being away for the six months since his passing. My dear friend is flying out the 3,000+ miles again this week to go with me. Between the two of us we should be able to declutter the heaps and mounds of “stuff” deciding what to keep, give away, and throw away, keeping just those special memories. A few years ago we had to evacuate our home due to a huge forest fire seven miles from us. I had only a few hours to decided what was the most important of the important things. That was it. When we came back home, I kept those items in containers unless we’d have to do it again. Now, I just need to go through and separate the important things I just can’t live without from all the rest of the stuff. The problem is, just when you throw something out, you find you need it. As for who I am? I am a jigsaw puzzle that was all put together that someone gathered up and threw back in the box and now I need to put it back together again, piece by piece.

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