Coping with Anxiety in The Time of Widespread Panic

I read a social media post by someone I follow recently about trauma and how people with PTSD / major trauma experiences can often deal with widespread panic more efficiently than those who have never dealt with it before – of course, allowing for personal triggers along the way. Can this be true?

I myself am reacting to world news as I might prepare for a long journey. Not wanting to accept that it is happening but at the same time aware that I must check the details, follow the advice and the rules, not read up on horror stories on the internet and basically accept, prepare and stay aware. I do not enjoy flying for instance so if faced with a flight I start to get all itchy and annoyed. I just want it to be over so I can land and enjoy the new surroundings. I truly wish we could teleport wherever we wanted. Teleporting at will may even be a thing one day, (especially if all the airlines go bust).

Mother Nature seems to be taking a firmer hand with us. She is reclaiming her airspace over China previously polluted to frig by our need for faster production, fuelled by the mammoth beast that is human consumption. All things mechanical, wasteful, man made. Super stressing work hours and commutes – these are to be replaced with working from home and self isolation. In the near future we will see just for how long we need to do this and the benefits to society weighed against the setbacks. We are being forced to look out for each other. We are being asked to slow down, reconsider our social and economic structures. How much this will affect us we do not know yet – we can only let the experts work it out. So how can we avoid the panic and the worry in the meantime for ourselves, our family and our friends?

Firstly – accept it. People are getting a virus which can cause complications in the elderly and already ill. They can die from the complications. You may not be elderly or suffering any ill health. This is your time to protect those that ARE at more risk. Chances are as the information suggests – mild illness for the majority of people. Take it seriously that others are not so fortunate and need protecting.

Second – keep aware of latest practical health advice and follow it. Just the official advice.

Third – Talk to friends and family about how you would cope if you needed to self isolate – you could arrange to deliver things to their doorstep in advance provided not both ill at the same time. This could give you a little advance security knowing that you have a support network.

Fourth – Put some contingency monies into an account you can access from home on the internet. If you don’t already have an internet account start one.

Fifth – Continue what you enjoy. Do not read / watch too much media on the subject. Just read official news headlines and health advice every day for updates. This is rapidly changing advice and it can all sound super scary when filtered through the media. Do not obsess over it – carry on with your day. Do not read the fucking Sun or Mirror newspapers – in fact ditch newspapers πŸ™‚

Sixth – Change your shopping to include some longer life products to make life easier if you have to isolate yourself. Don’t panic buy. It is highly selfish and really is the opposite of the survival message involved. Think wisely as if you were prepping a camping trip. Have matches, candles, tin openers, longer life food etc – everyone should have these things in case of power cuts and such anyway but granted not all people grew up in the Lake District and went on several Duke of Edinburgh expeditions like myself and have grown up with city life and just don’t feel the need to do this kind of thing. It may help anxiety if you prepare this way. Yes I really am the Girl Guide I never got to be!

Seventh – Do not turn on your fellow man. Have you read or watched the reports about the people who have the virus receiving death threats and such not to mention the racial attacks and abuse? If the already stretched Policing and Medical services are to step further away from daily less “serious” crimes then domestic abuse, child abuse, petty thefts, drug dealing etc are all going to rise. They are already struggling to deal with these problems anyway. Turning on the sick is a step away from pushing them into a chamber you know what I am saying there and is entirely the opposite that humanity, creation, mother earth or whoever the heck is in charge of the universal laws is asking of us. It is pushing us to choose actions NOT based on fear. Not based on our self. And so many people in society are failing the first test and acting from fear. Which is disgusting. If you don’t already have some compassion – get some.

I will be writing again soon. Perhaps less passionately. I send you all the love I can muster πŸ™‚

Heather Xx

5 thoughts on “Coping with Anxiety in The Time of Widespread Panic

  1. Love your post! Perfect for all to read. I agree that the news makes it worse. I am back in WA now. Was in Seattle. Washed my hands constantly and now in my town in NE WA. Feel just fine. Remember the Asian flu always causes lots of problems too. I am in the elderly group but I am not afraid. And living in the mountains prepares you for outages etc.

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