Tuesday Tune Up 10th March 2020

Howdy, how is everyone doing? I must confess that I have a slight cold at the moment, (cold not that other thing), and since yesterday have felt pretty much at a low ebb. Everything at the moment seems like hard work even without the added world dramas. Our own little dramas are enough. I am waiting on some news about a different health matter, the eldest is hurtling towards GCSEs and my youngest seems to have lifted behavioural tips from over half of The Seven Dwarves with grumpy, dopey, sleepy and sneezy being the obvious ones. Can’t get a primary school kid to sneeze into their elbow or a tissue? No, neither can I. We have not failed as parents it is absolutely impossible to get young children to follow health advice correctly. On top of that I am still contemplating heading back to that PhD I was forced to abandon in 2006. Am I crazy? I am darn tired I know this much is true.

So I am looking up a few things this week that have little to do with the world at large. Its changing rapidly and we all need to stay on top of it but also we all need to use a dollop of our own intuition and common sense in order to not become one of those persons speeding around the supermarket with a trolley full of bog roll.

Now as you may or may not know one of my absolute all time favourite distractions / hobbies / obsessions call it what you will is period homes and gardens. Interiors and exteriors, decor, architecture etc. The whole lot. I am addicted. If I had a car I would be a fully paid up member of The National Trust and would be at their properties every weekend, (here in the UK their properties are spread about and where I am you need a car to get to a lot of them).

So, I thought I would share links to some of my favourite places worldwide, (some I’ve only ever read about, some are near my home, some are near where I grew up), and I hope you enjoy reading about them too and maybe get to take a visit before they lock us all down 🙂

  1. The Lost Gardens of Heligan
  2. Durham Cathedral
  3. Cragside
  4. Portmerion
  5. The Palace of Winds
  6. The Rose City of Petra
  7. Furness Abbey & The Vale of The Deadly Nightshade
  8. Kensington Gardens
  9. The Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakech
  10. Barcelona’s Art Nouveau Buildings
  11. Highgate Cemetery

Have a happy, healthy and peaceful week!

Heather Xx

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