Health Update 12th March 2020

A very quick update to say that my “cold” turned into viral symptoms but I have been advised by 111 that they won’t swab me for Corona because I have no relevant travel or contact. I don’t need to self -isolate but I do feel like utter BS and have done for about five days. The shortness of breath started yesterday and prompted me to seek advice. That part continues into today but I have the added problem of congestion = vertigo and have already fallen into a lamp post on my attempt to get my kid to school today. Basically I don’t feel great and was hoping to write a longer post this week on something more relevant to the blog I don’t feel able, currently.

As a precaution I am not using public transport, seeing the grandparents or going into shops but the children are okay and are so far moving between schools and events. Well, for now at least given the rapidly changing advice.

Either way I hope to be able to publish something next week I hope you are all well.

Heather Xx

UPDATE: As of this evening I will be following the new UK health advice which is to self isolate for seven days. I wish this had been the advice sooner – hopefully I will feel able to post properly again soon!

UPDATE: 13th March 202 …found out just now that if I am fever free by Sunday a full seven days from the beginning I can get out of the isolation and run free! So I am officially not on day one but day five. Doh! Much better news, fingers crossed for then!

10 thoughts on “Health Update 12th March 2020

  1. When I had the Chinese flu in January it was really bad for 48 hours, bad for a week, and overall lasted 2 weeks. Children do not seem to be bothered by this Chinese flu. You are smart to stay in and not go out for a few days.

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  2. Thanks for thinking of us! In the UK currently they are only testing those in hospital to save the tests for the ones in real need. However this means that there are potentially thousands of people with the actual Covid 19 who don’t know for sure either way. This is why the latest measure to self isolate for 7 days comes in and what we are doing. Whatever I have – the fever lasts many days and because my temp is still not normal and I have the cough now I would be unwise to not follow that advice. The muscle pains and breathlessness I am having have been distressing I can imagine how many others out there are similar. I know of one of my contacts with the same predicament. I will post later if I can! x


  3. The reason that they don’t want to test is nothing to do with ‘saving them for ones in real need’, that is devaluing yourself and need. No, as is the case here in Australia as well, they are attempting to cover up how bad it is, the more tested, the more positive results they have to log. It is a sick political game they are playing, and a very, very dangerous one. You sound incredibly ill, and need them to take it seriously. I am a single parent too, and right now, I am luckily not ill, but that could change at any time. We have virtually gone into isolation even though we are being told we don’t need to yet. Who’s going to look after my son if something happens to me? The governments, well, ours in Australia, is adamant that there are no community transmissions, but we all know that is a load of garbage now. By testing people with no overseas contact, they will have to admit that it is spreading rampantly through the community. They don’t want to do that.

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    1. They are not logging the amount of actual cases just approximating here – community transmission is happening but yes that was obvious from the fact a couple of people earlier on tested positive with no travel or contact. I do have breathing difficulty but I am ready and very willing to break through to someone by phone again the minute I need to. The services are stretched. But I’ve been given certain things to look out for and alert someone for in the next two days as that is when isolation is supposed to end for me if in fact this has not improved. I think your own intuition yes is to be followed – have you friends or family around to help you? X


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