Self Isolating as a Widowed or Single Parent

Hi everyone,

So we are self isolating due to viral symptoms of a high temperature and persistent cough. Me and the youngest kid have the temperature but my eldest so far is okay and is not isolating as yet. In the UK right now they are not swabbing anyone to determine what virus you have only that as a precaution you must stay home until the fever stops. So here we are.

Anyone in the single parenting position with no family living nearby is already used to a certain kind of isolation and measures you learn to take anyway in case of emergencies. At the moment I am taking extra care over that kind of thing so I made sure we had at the very least – plenty of medicines and home activities as well as food and anything that could be construed as toilet paper. But I did not over stock and there fore I have had a lovely friend of mine drop stuff off on the doorstep as needed. Today I am getting a Sainsbury delivery with hopefully everything I need in it!

My son has been off school as even if he had not had the temperature I could not have got him in and back over the last few days. I struggled through the symptoms of this all week wondering … is this a cold? Is this a virus? Is this actually spreading to others? And so where possible I minimised contact, made it short, sweet and stayed away from public transport to a great degree and shops where I could. I was advised to go about my normal activity but I cut it down to the minimum on purpose. I am upset to think I’ve been walking about with something and I don’t know if it is part of the pandemic or not.

The breathlessness however was a great clue that it was not just a cold. And so this has been the worst symptom along with muscle pain. It’s like a squeezing around the ribs, upper back, sides etc. You breathe in but you don’t feel air getting to you. You yawn a lot. It is unpleasant. Today I am still coughing and feel restricted but I also am in brighter spirits as the advice service say if I am fever free by Sunday I can leave isolation on Monday – and of course if feeling well. Which is two days away so I am hoping for that and to get back to school and life. The cough may continue for a few weeks and is not a worry to others at this point. Still though, I am not looking forward to coughing in public.

So far then isolation feels like resigning yourself to a weekend in the house with an illness. Looking at the mess from the week and deciding you need to have a complete overhaul and that spring cleaning will indeed be fun! Except you feel ill so you may only reach the bare minimum of putting on the washing. I currently have almost every dish in the house to wash and two piles of wet washing to hang up. There are various bits of train track on the floor and my Hetty Pet hoover now a permanent resident in the living room so I don’t have to keep getting it out. Although usually I would venture out for a walk and at least have to go somewhere I can’t so I am letting my son out in the yard for exercise and hoping on Monday I can get out of here. We are following the official stay at home advice and I am trying (albeit everyone recognises this is virtually impossible) to stay two metres away from my eldest. It is 100% impossible for me to do this with my youngest. There is a bit of standing in separate corners of the room saying “I am sorry I can’t hug you!” etc. These are certainly weird times we are living in and I just want to get better as fast as I can so that I can contribute more than just typing out what is happening to us, personally. However I know that to read true life story unfiltered through mass media is actually beneficial to others, I shall keep doing it.

If you are in the UK and told to self isolate under the new rules here is the guidance you should be following :

Good luck, stay safe, cough into elbows and wash hands. But also, don’t battle through symptoms or deny them. They may turn out to be insignificant to your health but as seems very obvious now, not so great for those around you. Protect each other.

Heather Xx

10 thoughts on “Self Isolating as a Widowed or Single Parent

    1. Many thanks – kids are doing well as of today and I am slow, coughing a little now and feeling as you do when post viral – tired and heavy but less afflicted and able to move around now. Still breathless after too much activity so learning to pace myself. If today goes well I can get my youngest back to school in the morning x


  1. From all the research I have done, the key factor of the virus that creates havoc is a super viscous mucus that is hard to clear from respiratory tract. So the additional medical supplies I have besides fever reducers is the most powerful expectorant for adults, and for children. With triplets I have to buy two or sometimes 3 bottles. At times people look at me funny till I tell them of the triplets. Then they smile and say make sure everyone stays healthy.

    This too shall pass, stay in the fight👍

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    1. I am someone with sinus problem history and I do have this lingering symptom – I have no idea of the medical facts as I have only looked up the very basics however I am aware that if this comes with pain, (external to the muscle pains which are intense), and starts not to be clear in colour then it’s back to the medical advice. Currently it’s a case of coughing a little of this up and off the chest. Good luck out there! X


    1. So do I – it got heavier and may get heavier yet but all we can do is support the NHS as they get on with their duties. The nest thing we can do is stay home and healthy Xx


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