Ending Self Isolation & Panic Buying

According to the advice line you can leave self isolation after seven days from the onset of the fever as long as no fever is still present. For us this is tomorrow or Tuesday of this coming week. Our temperatures are stabilising quite well and the kids seem well – I am keeping an eye on both of them and using all the guidance measures set out by our Gov but still, it is impossible to follow all of them to the letter. I am still really unable to move much without getting exhausted or breathless. The cough comes and goes and whatever gunk I am coughing up is currently clear with no pain. The muscle pain continues though and I generally feel like crap.

There will be a lot of people like me now, untested, knowing that they have something that will either produce quite mild or quite nasty experience for themselves and others. Knowing or not for sure, the symptoms are pretty obvious and require a stay at home however mild.

During this time I’ve had one doorstep delivery from a lovely friend and a delivery from a supermarket. I felt for the delivery guy he was young and looked freaked out. I look 20 years older than last week so I guess to him, I was a leper. Most men treat me this way to be frank 🙂 He said I could keep the pallets for the next driver to pick up. Everyone has to keep their two metre distance. Some things were completely sold out but then I had a back up plan so for now we remain okay. I am just taking the health situation day by day.

One of the reasons I am really worried is more about the food / panic buying /possible rationing system that might follow because of people showing very little humanitarianism. People having made a big mistake in grabbing and stockpiling stuff leading to an imbalance for the wider community. This in turn is going to affect everyone if ration systems have to be brought in. Brought in because people panic bought. Why did they panic buy? Well if one person panics and buys everyone else follows because they know panic buyer before them will take everything. Situation at the start = no need to over buy. If you are isolating you need regular deliveries or up to two weeks of supplies. That’s it. If there had been no panic buying to start with there would be no issues now. Again, fear and lack have fuelled the actions.

Thank you everyone, (very few people), who have actually offered to come to the door and drop things off. Who have asked what they can do rather than wish us well. This is the real thing you can do for your fellows living around you if they have to isolate at home. When I was widowed I learnt the quick and hard way who gave a tiny rats ass about others and now I am seeing that again on a much more personal level. In these time of anxiety no one wants to catch the illness, true, I did not want to get ill now either. It felt like the world changed overnight. I am used to situations of that nature and fully expect to encounter some weirdness on the road ahead. No one wants to get sick. Stigma and fear everywhere.


I am off to cough more gunk up and hope that in the next few days I feel better and can at least return my kid to school and his friends.

Please stay vigilant and clean.

Heather Xx

4 thoughts on “Ending Self Isolation & Panic Buying

    1. Thank you – we know what to look out for and what to do if this gets worse. So many of my friends are stuck in other countries right now I am lucky to be home with my family x


    1. We had the flu in November just gone – was very ill for over a week but we all made full recovery and with this we are much more mobile. On a scale the flu was much worse. Thank you – I am sending everybody hope that they stay symptom free x


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