Love in The Time of Corona

This is not going to be a long post – just a short and sweet reminder of what we can all keep in mind during these times. After all I am still getting better and although past the worst of the viral symptoms I am tired and like many of you, confused, upset and wish it would just piss off.

But it isn’t going to unless we pull together and show some love. Up and beyond politics, over and above personal disputes, ahead and despite of any anxieties we may have that fuel our fight to survive at whatever the cost. The best thing those well enough right now can do is fight on with love. Acting now and changing our ways can and will save lives – it can and will contribute to others not falling ill. Whatever the severity of illness strikes them, their sick leave will be felt whether it is the NHS worker or the teacher, the carers , the parents, .. anyone, indeed, all of us.

Keep in contact with loved ones. Reach out, video call them, text, drop supplies, keep your elderly relatives in the loop, (my sisters and I have calling my Dad on rota and my Mum on Whatsapp), and if you get ill – isolate. Use the social distancing measures, don’t pop out for just one last pint then go see your mum. Step in line together, save lives and stop this thing from spreading. And then we can all get back to being able to see each other again. Hugging our parents, grandchildren, kids. Seeing the tall, handsome guy in the street that we like πŸ™‚ watching our sports games, catching up with friends, going on holiday…

All of that.

But for now – step in line. Together.

Peace out.

Heather Xx

PS. Normal posting hopefully resume next week πŸ™‚

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