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So 2020 sucked – a pandemic broke out, I apparently caught the virus and now live with some fallout, my plans for a PhD ground to a halt and my father died from cancer. All in all I am glad to welcome in the New Year even if only for the fact we aren’t still stuck in the last one.

That all being said I have hope for the future – however difficult it is in this rapidly drafted army of home school parenting. Some of us are faring better than others but we can keep the hope alive. And so in order to do this I’ve made some changes.

Admittedly some of these changes I have unsuccessfully attempted to instigate before such as leaving all of my social media behind. Having stared into the lifeless face of yet another person I love I decided to finally address the problem that social media was causing for me, (stare at too many dead people and I guarantee you will feel like doing something more or other with your time than maybe you currently are), and social media stood out as an obvious one for many reasons.

Although you can get high from the dopamine hit of social media you can also get low and you are meant to get low and you are meant to get high. Except yes, you are really meant to get low. And then buy things. Things companies pay social networks to advertise to people who are stuck in the high/low loop. And it wasn’t just this – I also didn’t like that the content creators are not paid for their content. But the worst experience of social media for me was the reduced level of quality interactions with people I care about. Both over the networks and in real life. There was also a problem with pandemic fatigue – basically everything from grocery shopping and home schooling to social gatherings now all take place on apps. The digital overwhelm was enormous, and so really it was a no brainer…

In the end I felt – enough is enough. I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem, (if enough people do this perhaps a change can take place and if it does – well show me the network that changes I’m listening!) but until then, I’m out. See here for reasons to claw back your life…

In its place I seem to have gone off grid and old school. I just reinstated a print magazine subscription, (Fortean Times obviously!) and took up the idea of tiny home living along with learning some new instruments. My friends don’t seem to mind – they just call or text me as before. And I don’t get FOMO 🙂 I just feel more alive.

To this end I will still have my site and have spent some time archiving old photos a lot of this material is relevant to what is coming up in terms of writing I haven’t published yet so hold in there. Some of it references my past. It means a lot to me to finally retain my own material on this asset that is totally mine. I am also excited about launching a weekly newsletter a sample of which you will be seeing here soon.

Home schooling is my temporary vocation but hopefully not for much longer!

For now – stay safe!

Writer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. A solitary wolf attracted mainly to other solitary wolves. Mostly found in makeshift archery ranges or hiding behind electric guitars. I like the woods, the sea and obviously the strange and unusual.

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