Atlas Obscura Weird Homes Tour : Ghosts in The Machines

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The chance to virtually peruse stuff in other people’s homes over Zoom is definitely right up my street especially if I can do that with a glass of whisky in hand at Midnight. Throw in the fact that the owner is a collector of Spiritualist artefacts then you have my money. Thank you, ($12 btw).

Despite a tiny bit of museum glass glare there was a lot to be seen here and a plethora of information for the total beginner to learn taking us from the earliest forms of spirit communication through to the patented Ouija board most commonly associated with spirit contact.

Considering my own research interest in this area focuses on a different form of metaphysical communication, (no devices or tools), I certainly learnt a few new things and got to see some striking rarities in an immense collection. I also love a good nosey around others’ homes and decor so it ticked all the boxes as an event experience in these socially distant times.

The tour lasted approximately an hour and was led by the home owner Brandon Hodge of Mysterious Planchette a historian and avid collector. Sadly I realised that due to time differences I really wasn’t up for a Midnight start so I had to watch the replay of this tour in fifteen minute increments over the last two days in and around my schedule – but with replay access provided to ticket holders for seven days afterwards plus access to the event chat it seems all that is missing from the live experience is the ability to ask questions, (although my fellow attendees it had it covered).

I can see myself booking up for more strange home tours, keep them coming!

My Weird Homes Tour was booked through Atlas Obscura Experiences.

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