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Thrifty Beatnik Vintage Clothing Ltd, Small Change, Hipcat, Newcastle – Archives.

So I finally got around to organising our old photography archives and how would that be complete without this part of our history? Granted I can’t go there in my mind for too long, however for the most part I miss this. I’ve written longer about it – something substantial to be published in print. But for now, so these images don’t get lost, an archive.

These places existed in Newcastle-upon-Tyne between 2010 and 2016. Most were our clothing shops and warehouses but we also had coffee shops and live music venues. Some of them are now empty, others became new shops. One of them is sadly a pile of dust. In some cases I’ve added the “before” as well as the “after” as I would take inventory images before we signed contracts.

Luke was well known for gathering groups of people together to transform the dullest of commercial spaces into magical places and I think it deserves to be documented. If you had a crazy idea he would run with it. Even if you didn’t mean for it to be an idea. My childhood influences from Alice in Wonderland and style notes from vintage Biba stores, for example, resulted in the checked floors of our premises and a throwaway comment I made about “what the hell next, a golf course?” birthed the mini golf course. I’ve never seen anything quite these places before or since. If you visited or bought from us or even worked for us during these years – thank you.

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