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Updated Galleries – Music, Archery, Journalism…

My galleries section is slowly being updated with memories and milestones from the past 40 plus years. Not that the amount of years should have anything to do with everything but somehow despite regular, almost annual purges there is still a fat load of material to wade through. Why have I been carrying it all around throughout life? I don’t know. I’ve always carried too much around with me.

I cried when I let go of my huge trunk brimming full of pen pal letters from the 90s. We had everything in there – it was a real bible of teenage grunge and britpop adulation. I do remember some of it, we passed around home made tapings of b-sides and rarities and we were only just getting the internet in our homes by the mid to end of it. A time like no other, I loved the 90s. Music meant so much to us back then. It was truly a badge of honour in the way we dressed, spoke and thought. Some of my 90s photos, (physical prints I took to the shop to get developed), may make it into the galleries too. Anyway, as the country is deep into mourning and reflection seems like a good time to pull together loose ends. Galleries are here…

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