My name is Heather Jane Tanner and what motivates me is the way people think, the way we connect and the way we live. I am dedicated to living an abundant life – one I believe we can all have but that we are all at different stages of allowing, (having each come into this world at different levels of inheritance)

I was born in the Summer of 1978 a month after Grease came out. I spent my life running free – mainly in solitude – from a reality I didn’t care for. Real life seemed harsh, boring, dull and samey.

As I grew up and away from the small rural hamlet I was brought up in I tasted every kind of City life and all different aspects of adult experience. Realising that not fitting in to any of it was a SUPERPOWER and not a FLAW has been the key to opening up my abundance and really living the life I was meant to live.

I don’t run anything by convention – in fact I don’t run anything by anybody!

Turning those flaws into strengths has been a very personal journey. Realising my true power has been a long coming-of-age process, (truly long I mean I am 41 in two weeks time!)

During my life I have had two children, lived in umpteen places, been a single mum, been made homeless, worked every kind of job you can imagine and been widowed by suicide. I have worked, studied, graduated. I had to do a GCSE re-sit year but by age 27 I had a Masters Degree. I’ve run my own business. I’ve taken over Directorship of my husband’s business. I’ve liquidated a business. Bad shit has happened but only good shit has evolved from it. I am going to share with you how I do this, what motivates me, what works for me, how I survived these things, how I keep going. It’s not a blueprint for life or an advice site – just me sharing what I have learnt so far and what I continue to learn on the way.

I hope you can join me in this. A journey!