Music Journalism

Photos from freelance interviews – when interviews were done by notebook and cassette dictation machines – scans from my music columns and interviews for The Fly Magazine.

People ask me why I left the Music business when I was so focused on that as a career? Well, I love making music and always will. I love to write and always will. But in the music business there is backbreaking work, sexism and lots of oppressive pressure. Sure there are plenty of freebies and perks but they come at a price and I didn’t want any of those things to continue in my life. As a journalist I ended up writing many regrettable items in newspapers and online forums just because an editor requested it. I didn’t like the way Media was controlled, (I am an advocate of free speech and things just started to grate). I became happier making and recording my own music on my own terms, (and time!), plus never having to use my words for critically butchering other people’s creativity at the request of someone higher up than myself.

I learnt – creativity not competition.

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