Welcome to hjtanner.com – devoted to the discussion and implementation of intuitive and sustainable living practices.

I am a writer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK with 30 plus years experience of working in an intuitive capacity. Over the years I held a variety of related roles and have a Business Management Diploma from Durham as well as an M.A. in Writing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

My Focus

I believe we can all live more sustainably, spiritually and successfully than many of us currently are. Our world is changing and we are losing aspects of humanity along the way. We are losing track of nature and our sense of each other. We are becoming heavily reliant on digital resources and our over use of them is  tipping the scales into a digital based world, which is destined to cause us harm.

My main interest is on maintaining our natural human state whilst utilising technologies and virtual systems. The need for intimacy and connection and a return to compassion and healing must be adhered to despite heavy technological advancement. I also work with grief management and bereavement issues – two topics I battle with myself, daily. 


In my sessions I use spiritual and intuitive methods which require no tools and are naturally holistic. But I also experiment with other methods as I believe we can leverage technology in order to use it to our best advantage, rather than the other way around.

Unfortunately I do not have a naturally scientific or mathematical brain and so my studies take a long time! But as an intuitive I keep an open mind and take a vested interest in virtual reality, psychology, philosophy, anthropology and neuroscience particularly gamma oscillations as gamma frequencies represent the fastest vibrational brain energies. 

My Story

Originally from The Lake District I worked in the Music and Art industries for most of my twenties. Then I entered the world of vintage retail for a short while until the death of my husband in 2016. During the whole of my working life I have maintained an intuitive practice, sometimes charging and at other times free of charge. 

I was widowed at thirty seven when I lost my husband to Suicide. Prior to that I had a multitude of learning experiences including having to declare legal homelessness with my children. Six years on I now live happily in Newcastle with my adult daughter and my young son both of whom have special educational needs. 

During the last twenty years I have had adventures with conflicting health issues including Ulcerative Colitis, POTS, Hyper Mobility and more recently Fibromyalgia and Long Covid. Finding ways to improve my own healing therefore, has helped to tip the balance in terms of my working life and my career focus. 

When I am not writing or running intuitive sessions with people I love reading, (mainly science fiction), archery and miniatures. I also use my love of architecture to build houses and commercial buildings inside VR.