Thrifty Beatnik Vintage Clothing Ltd

A collection of photographs from the days of Thrifty Beatnik Vintage Clothing Ltd, Small Change Vintage Clothing, Hipcat, Hipcat Coffee, Heartattack & Vine, HOWL, Starving In The Belly of a Whale and all the other offshoots that evade my memory. It started off being run from houses, then Blandford Square in Newcastle, Lime Street, (opposite Seven Stories), The Artworks, (opposite The Tanners Arms), Chillingham Road Industrial Estate, Heaton Park Road, Heaton Road, Westgate Road, and New Bridge Street.

I don’t claim to have taken all of these – they are here for anyone searching up the history of our businesses or going on a nostalgia run. Or whatever! Here they are. You can read the post here.

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