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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a personal reading with you?

A personal reading can be purchased online through our store here on the site. At present we only offer one price option for this please see our pricing tables.

Is the site secure?

Yes – the site benefits from secure SSL Certificate and payment gateway.

How do I buy an extended?

Extended readings for your sign carry on where the free readings end and can be purchased from our store.

Can I get refund?

No refunds are offered due to the digital nature of our products. We are happy to answer any and all questions related to your purchase though – email us via the contact page.

Why do you refer to the readings as entertainment?

For us there is something entertaining and fun about getting a reading and it is important that you enter into it with similar outlook. Keep an open mind and enjoy it for what it is – that’s the ethos.

We know many of you are very serious about the business of conducting readings so whilst we approach them with curiosity we certainly retain our professionalism and would love for you to take away something that not only entertains but informs. We are all about personal development and better decision making.

Personal Development for a Brighter World

Our focus for offering the readings stems from a need to contribute to the world as a better place to live, work and breathe. As children we are taught many things – often contradictory – and as adults quite regularly seek to re-learn. We are all growing and we will all become undone at some point in our lives. It is at this undone place that adults often seek help / information / guidance. We offer a lighthearted and entertaining way of delving deeper into your situation.

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Having said that…

Our work is not without humour which we hope you will appreciate. Laughter is the best medicine except for the odd Placebo.

We believe at the core of it – thoughts dictate our life, our health, our success and our money situations. We believe in the power of making a passive income from natural talent. All this can help in times of need.

You may not agree – you may feel this is a load of preach or some weird slant on everyday Astrology. But we hope you find the benefit of our message whatever your personal standpoint.